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Housing and Care for Older Women Policy Brief

This brief looks at older women’s housing, their changing needs, and the intersections between housing and aged care in Australia.

Addressing later life homelessness

This report examines older people’s homelessness in Australia. It follows on from the earlier report Homelessness and Older Australians: Scoping the Issues, published in 2011. The research has been funded through the Australian Government’s Homelessness Research Partnership Agreement, administered by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Homeless at home? Analysing the housing needs and insecurities of single, older, non-homeowning women

While it remains a relatively invisible issue in Australia, evidence is mounting that single, older women are increasingly at risk of housing insecurity and homelessness. This research looks at women’s housing preferences and aims to understand what makes them vulnerable to housing insecurity.
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