Homeless at home? Analysing the housing needs and insecurities of single, older, non-homeowning women

While it remains a relatively invisible issue in Australia, evidence is mounting that single, older women are increasingly at risk of housing insecurity and homelessness. This research looks at women’s housing preferences and aims to understand what makes them vulnerable to housing insecurity. The results suggest that a number of housing solutions and collective initiatives are housing women who have experienced housing insecurity. These strategies are successful in providing women with housing, who may not have access to public housing and other accommodation types. Understanding the housing needs and preferences of older women, and the variety of potential and actual housing solutions can provide valuable insights for urban planning theory and practice. Housing affordability is a key issue and ensuring housing stock is consistent with preferences of vulnerable, ageing groups in society will ensure this population is adequately accommodated. This knowledge can ensure planning and housing policy includes the needs of ageing women in regard to housing type, neighbourhood planning and future social housing stocks, whilst ensuring planning can respond and adapt to modern housing solutions.