Amplify Insights: Housing Affordability and Homelessness

Homelessness is not just rooflessness. We have seen the greatest increases in homelessness among people living in severely overcrowded dwellings; thus making homelessness increasingly hidden. While older people have a lower prevalence of homelessness (1 in 300) than the rest of the general population, alarmingly, over a decade they experienced the fastest growing rate of homelessness: 54 per cent for 55‐64‐year‐olds and 59 per cent for 65‐74‐year‐olds (2006‐2016). In metropolitan areas across all states and territories, except the ACT, homelessness has increased above national averages. This is largely a reflection of rising housing prices. Rural homelessness has also increased in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and the ACT – well above national increases. We do not have a housing supply crisis in Australia; we have an affordable housing supply crisis.
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