Catherine Bridge

Downsizing amongst older Australians

The context of this research is the ageing population in Australia and its implications for housing and urban development. Ageing in place is a key policy response to population ageing, but this begs the question: ageing in what kind of place?

Downsizing in Later Life: Myths and Realities Concerning the Movement of Older People in the Housing Market

In Australia, ‘downsizing’ has become a popular term to explain the movements of older people in the housing market.

Making Do: Housing Quality and Affordability in the Low to Moderate Income Specific Housing Sector

Better cities require integrated planning and monitoring across the board that is inclusive of age-specific housing. Australia’s ageing population presents a number of challenges for provision of appropriate and affordable housing and care for those on low to moderate incomes.

Age-specific housing and care for low to moderate income older people

This report presents the final findings of a national, interdisciplinary research project into age specific housing for lower income older Australians.
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