Client's Stories

Originally from Melbourne, Mary-Ann moved to regional Victoria in search of more affordable private rental. Around five years ago, she moved just outside of Geelong and while rents were cheaper at the time, Mary Ann's rent had steadily increased to the point where it was more than her Newstart Allowance.

Ali was on the Public Housing waiting list for 20 years before being referred to Home at Last

Peter was sleeping in his car for 3 years before being referred to Home at Last

Mary, an Arabic speaking refugee, had been living in an Rooming house for the last 5 years. She was in very poor health and on the Disability pension. She paid $220 per week for the use of a converted lounge room, shared with a number of strangers.

Social, cultural and linguistic diversity are characteristic of modern, inclusive and globally connected cities such as Melbourne. For generations Melbourne's suburbs have been shaped by cultures and people from all around the world. The Italians went to Carlton, the Greeks found Richmond and the Vietnamese made Footscray home.

Terrence's low income left him unable to afford his private rental but inelligible for public housing.

Qinhui was 70 years old and was referred to us by Chinese Social Services for housing support due to end of private rental lease and inability to secure alternative accommodation. She had been transient for a while following a relationship breakdown with family who she originally lived with when she came to Australia. Qinhui moved between friends and family members’ homes until she found private rental. At the time of referral Qinhui’s lease had ended and she had been couch surfing before securing what she describes as a dangerous rooming house.

Ljuba Jovanovksa was 62 years old and was referred to us by a family violence worker at In Touch Multicultural Family Violence service. Ljuba came from overseas in 2011 and spoke little English, she was experiencing family violence perpetrated by her husband. In Touch assisted her with intervention orders and temporary accommodation.

Pelulale Fitu was 68 years old and was referred to our service for housing assistance by the Office of Housing, Sunshine. At the time of referral Pelulale had been on the public housing waiting list for 23 years.

Pin was 79 & her husband Kei was 80. The couple had been living in Australia for a few years and had limited supports in place as well as not understanding how the housing system in Victoria worked.

Bob is 89 years old and a world war two veteran. Bob’s family members are abusive towards him. They often scream and swear at him. Bob has put a padlock on his bedroom door as family members enter his bedroom and steal items including money. On pension day they pressure Bob to hand over his pension money. Bob’s grandson sometimes hits him and has attempted to strangle Bob.

Below are a selection of client testimonials about their experience working with Home At Last

HAAG found housing for me and it means the WORLD to me. Before this I was moving every two years, as the agents always said 'the landlord needs the house back'. Now I have security, stability and most importantly affordability.