Client's Stories

Jey is a 57 year old woman from China. She dropped in to our service in May 2019. During the intake assessment, we communicated through a mandarin interpreter via the VITS services.  At the time of the drop-in she was couch-surfing at  a friend’s house, who had then asked her to leave as she could not keep assisting her any further.

Franco and Joyce, a couple in their late fifties, were referred to Home At Last  for housing assistance after receiving 60 days Notice to vacate from their land lord.

Jimmy is in his 80’s. He lived in a rundown caravan park for 30 years in a freezing/boiling caravan, traipsing to the communal toilet every night, until finally being forced out when the park was being 'upgraded' to 'boutique living'.

For 14 years John* was living in a private rental flat attached to a bottle shop in Brunswick West.

Vanessa became homeless after she returned to Melbourne from overseas where she had gone to look after three ill family members. Once back in Melbourne Vanessa could not find work or housing and was startled at how much rents had increased in the time she was away. Vanessa couldn't find employment due to her age, and couldn't get a lease on Newstart Allowance.

HAAG's client Jen featured in the Federation of Community Legal Centre's Humans of Public Housing Project showing photos of her in her new home.

HAAG worker Paola Posso's recounts her story of working with Elsa and Jacinto to get out of private rental and into public housing while receiving palliative care for terminal cancer.

Paola Posso recounts Rena's journey from sharehousing with students to having her own home

Originally from Melbourne, Mary-Ann moved to regional Victoria in search of more affordable private rental. Around five years ago, she moved just outside of Geelong and while rents were cheaper at the time, Mary Ann's rent had steadily increased to the point where it was more than her Newstart Allowance.

Ali was on the Public Housing waiting list for 20 years before being referred to Home at Last

Peter was sleeping in his car for 3 years before being referred to Home at Last

Mary, an Arabic speaking refugee, had been living in an Rooming house for the last 5 years. She was in very poor health and on the Disability pension. She paid $220 per week for the use of a converted lounge room, shared with a number of strangers.