Compliments, complaints and other forms of feedback provide valuable information that gives Home at Last an opportunity to improve upon all aspects of our service.

You can provide feedback by calling 1300 765 178 or by completing the form below

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Steps for making a complaint:

Step 1: Try to resolve the issue with the person/s involved if possible.

Step 2: Call 1300 765 178 and ask to speak to a Manager. Alternatively, you may also submit a  feedback online or pick up a form from the office. Your complaint will be investigated and we will contact you within 7 days.

Step 3: If you are still unsatisfied with the response there are further steps you can take depending on the nature of your complaint.

Further avenues to submit your feedback

External Advocacy: You have the right to approach an organisation or individual for advocacy. Homelessness Advocacy Service (HAS) will inform you of your rights, how to make a complaint and they can advocate on your behalf. Contact HAS by calling 1800 066 256 or visiting

Contacting the Minister for Housing: Feedback on our Home at Last service, good or bad, can be given to the Minister’s office. You may also contact the minister to provide feedback on the housing system and policies relating to housing. 

Minister for Housing,  The Hon. Hariett Shring
Phone: 03 9096 7500
Office: Level 22, 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Contacting the Department of Fairness, Families and Housing Services (DFFH): As a DFFH funded service, you may also provide feedback on our Home at Last service to DFFH directly. You can also contact DFFHto provide feedback on the public housing application and allocation process.

          DFFH, Complaints and Privacy unit
          GPO Box 4057, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
          Phone: 1300 884 706