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Ageing in Place for Minority Ethnic communities

This research project was developed to explore the types of social infrastructure that people aged 50 and over from ethnic minority communities use in specific places. The aim of this project is to understand how organisations working with ethnic minority groups engage with older members from their community and how this might have changed over time and to explore how individuals from ethnic mino

Rental Affordability Index 2019

Rental affordability for single pensioners is alarmingly poor. Across the nation, the single pensioner household is facing Severely Unaffordable and Extremely Unaffordable rents.

Age-Forward Cities for 2030

A massive shift is taking place in the makeup of the world population, and societies are already struggling to cope. By 2030, more people worldwide will be over the age of 60 than under 10. Cities are ground zero for the demographic shift—eight in 10 US residents 65 and older already live in metropolitan areas.

Rental Housing for an Ageing Population

In our latest Inquiry, we have turned our attention to rental housing for older people, both now and in the decades to come. We wanted to find out how many homes for rent are likely to be needed over the next 20 years or so, what they should be like and who might provide them. Today only 22% of those over 65 are tenants (private or social). But this will change.

Rental Affordability Snapshot

The Rental Affordability Snapshot highlights the lived experience of looking for housing on a low income. It focuses on those who earn the least– people on government income payments and people earning the minimum wage.

Global Living - Student, Senior Housing & Multifamily Occupier Demands

This report is about demand for living from different generations. We have focused primarily on two: the young and the elderly. They are shaping demand for some of the industry’s fastest growing asset classes. The market is now responding to under-served occupier groups by offering new and hybrid models that challenge conventional asset classes.

State of the (Older) Nation 2018

This research was commissioned by the Federation of nin e Councils on the Ageing (COTA) across Australia – including all eight COTA state and territory organisations and COTA Australia – in order to understand the views, life experiences and needs of Australians aged 50+ .

Disrupted: The consumer experience of renting in Australia

Disrupted – the second report commissioned by CHOICE, National Shelter, and The National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO) – delves into the issues facing Australians who rent.

Housing Affordability and Homelessness

This report is about homelessness, considered in the context of our wider housing, service, and social system. Homelessness is an urgent and growing problem. Currently, homelessness as an end point gets significant attention from governments and the specialist services working in the sector.

Older Renters in the Western Australian Private Rental Sector: Strategies to enhance housing security for WA's older renters

More people are reaching retirement age without owning a home, and the number of older people residing in the private rental market is increasing.
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