Age-Forward Cities for 2030

A massive shift is taking place in the makeup of the world population, and societies are already struggling to cope. By 2030, more people worldwide will be over the age of 60 than under 10. Cities are ground zero for the demographic shift—eight in 10 US residents 65 and older already live in metropolitan areas. Aging in a healthy way is closely linked to older adults’ physical, social, and economic environments, and where one ages is a key determinant of how long she or he will live. The enormous challenges and opportunities of population aging require leaders to recognize positive aging as an overall community benefit. While many cities are making notable strides (this report highlights efforts worth emulating), the stakes are high and the overall response to the demographic shift is just beginning. This report seeks to highlight new ideas and best practices and to galvanize conversation and action to promote shared prosperity. We want to be a resource to those building cities and communities that are vibrant, inclusive places to live for all ages.