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At Risk: 405,000 older women risk homelessness without urgent policy reform

Older women have a right to appropriate and affordable housing as a foundation for their wellbeing, however they are the fastest growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness in Australia. Older women’s pathway to homelessness is a gendered issue and a consequence of long-term systemic issues.

Home for Good: Improving the Private Rental Market for Older Australians

Once considered a short-term housing option primarily for young adults, the private rental housing sector now accommodates 27 per cent of all households in Australia, with residents renting for much longer periods than in previous decades. With diverse housing types covering a geographical range from urban to rural, the private rental sector can work well for the 6.3 million renters who can affor

Home for Good: Social Housing for an Ageing Population

In this policy brief, we turn our attention to Australia’s social housing sector.

Our Housing AGEnda: meeting the aspirations of older people in Wales

Current housing supply in Wales does not reflect the lifestyle choices that people want or need as they age. This report addresses this issue and invites a range of stakeholders to consider their role in developing a transformational experience in housing for older people in Wales.

Ageing in Cities - Policy Highlights

This report provides policy makers with insights and tools to mitigate the challenges of ageing societies and make the most of the opportunities they present. Three considerations underpin the assessment: - Ageing societies are not “a problem” as such. - Ageing societies are not simply societies of “older people”.

A better fit? Creating housing choices for an ageing population

This report aims to: Set out the evidence about older people’s housing at present: where older people are living, their aspirations and their attitudes about housing, particularly their attitudes to downsizing. Explore the social and economic benefits associated with providing more housing for older people. Make the case for increasing the supply of housing for older people and recommend policy

Inquiry into decent and accessible homes for older people

For the UK’s 1.4 million people over the age of 65 with unmet care needs, everyday essential tasks like getting out of bed, going to the toilet or getting dressed are inextricably linked to their living circumstances and are often made worse by poor housing conditions.This might be because they don’t have the right facilities in their homes for a carer to be able to cook, clean or help with their

Community-based home care for older people Minimum standards of home care for older people in Red Cross Red Crescent volunteer-based programming in the Europe Zone

In June 2011, during the South Eastern Europe Home Care Conference in Montenegro, Red Cross Red Crescent Societies agreed on the recommendation to develop regional minimum standards for volunteer training in home care, also introducing psychosocial support, first aid and disaster management as an integral part of the basic training for volunteers. This document can be seen as a first step in the
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