Policy Proposal

Women and Housing Policy (APR 2019)

Women’s economic and other inequality creates disadvantage in accessing housing, including housing insecurity and homelessness. Women’s disadvantage occurs in the context of an Australian housing market characterised by a lack of affordable rental housing, together with tightly targeted social housing with long waiting lists. This has led to the emergence of a cohort of people on low incomes

Housing and accommodation for an ageing population: a strategic vision for Derbyshire to 2035

This document outlines the strategic vision for a range of housing and accommodation choices and support suited to meet the requirements of an ageing population in Derbyshire, UK.

The Seniors Housing Gateway - A safety net for older people at risk of homelessness

Australia needs to urgently address the rapidly increasing problem facing large numbers of older people, the majority women, at risk of homelessness.

Older persons in rural and remote areas

Rural and remote areas in many countries experience more pronounced population ageing than urban areas and subsequently, have a higher share of older residents.

"The older I get the scarier it becomes": Older people at risk of homelessness in New South Wales

The older I get the scarier it becomes report shows that there has been a 50% increase in the number of older people at risk of homelessness in NSW in the last five years.

Sheffield Older People’s Independent Living (OPIL) Housing Strategy 2017-2021

This strategy sets out how we plan to meet the housing needs and aspirations of Sheffield’s increasingly diverse and growing older population.

A Plan for Change: Homes for Older Women

This Plan for Change proposes a series of initiatives to help older women to be able to live in homes that are safe, secure and affordable. It has been developed by a group of non-government agencies concerned about the increase in older women’s homelessness.

The Head, the Heart, and the House

This is a paper about older Australians and their homes. Homes are bricks and mortar and more.

Blueprint for an Ageing Australia

Longer lives are the most positive development in the last century of human history. They represent the product of greater prosperity, better diet, disease eradication and healthier lifestyles.

Still Kicking: Longevity and Ageing. The demographic climate change of our time.

1.8 million people aged over 85 in 2050. One in four people aged over 65 by 2056. Life expectancy at birth rising by 25 years in the last century. One million people with dementia by 2050. 85,000 more aged care places required in the next decade. Get the picture? None of this is news. We have known about the trends in ageing and longevity for a while now.
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