Comparative Study

Apartments for Life in Australia Lessons for Australia from Humanitas in the Netherlands

The Humanitas Foundation in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has attracted international renown because of its achievements in developing the innovative Apartments for Life model of housing and care for older people. Under the leadership of Dr Hans Becker, Chair of the Humanitas Foundation, the rst Apartments for Life complex opened in the mid 1990s.

Perceptions of Living Alone Among Older Adult Women

This exploratory study examines older women’s perceptions of living alone. In recent decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who live alone, particularly older adults.

A Comparative Study of Homelessness in the United Kingdom and Japan

This article describes homelessness in Japan, based on a survey of rough sleepers conducted in Nagoya with some additional demographic data collected in Osaka, and compares it to the situation in the United Kingdom, as documented in a survey of rough sleepers throughout England.

A framework for understanding old-age vulnerabilities

Identifying vulnerable older people and understanding the causes and consequences of their vulnerability is of human concern and an essential task of social policy. To date, vulnerability in old age has mainly been approached by identifying high risk groups, like the poor, childless, frail or isolated.

The causes of homelessness in later life: Findings from a 3-nation study

Homelessness is an intractable problem in many affluent countries and affects people of all ages, although much research and service provision have concentrated on young adults.

Nursing homes in 10 nations: a comparison between countries and settings

The objective of this paper is to describe and compare the long-term care systems in 10 countries participating in studies employing the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) and to place them in the context of the changing population dynamics in each country.
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