Tiny Houses

Tiny House Villages in Seattle: An Efficient Response to Our Homelessness Crisis

An article describing the success of Tiny House Villages in Seattle, which has led the country in piloting this response to the homelessness crisis. There are now 10 tiny house villages located throughout Seattle on government, private, nonprofit, and church-owned properties.

Can the popularity of tiny homes provide a solution for older women facing homelessness?

The number of women over the age of 55 experiencing housing stress and homelessness is rising in Australia, but the increasing interest in tiny homes may provide a viable solution for these women. Now moves are afoot on the NSW mid-north coast to establish a tiny home village, specifically for older women.

Octogenarian's tailor-made tiny house offers a retirement home alternative

A look at the option of Tiny House living as an alternative to institutionalised aged care for older people.

Austin's Fix for Homelessness: Tiny Houses, and Lots of Neighbors

Community First! Village’s model for ending homelessness emphasizes the stabilizing power of social connections. The village is a 27-acre master planned community just outside Austin, Texas, where more than 200 people who were once chronically homeless live in tiny homes and RVs.

Here's why so many seniors are joining the tiny-house movement

Discussion and case studies of older women in the US opting to join the tiny house movement as they age.

Tiny houses: salvation for the homeless or a dead end?

Wooden cabins euphemistically referred to as tiny houses are increasingly viewed as a quick and cheap solution to homelessness and, with minimal public debate, they are mushrooming across the US. The trend is most apparent in northern California and the Pacific north-west.

Tiny houses: Interest is growing but who wants them and why?

My research to date has found a marked increase in people who want their own tiny house, particularly among older women. Based on earlier research, I argued tiny houses could be part of a solution to the perennial and wicked problem of unaffordable housing, as well as improving urban density and the environmental sustainability of housing. Demographically, interest in tiny houses is biased towar

Tiny Houses are Becoming a Big Deal

The idea of living small, really small, is catching on. Tiny house communities are multiplying, and approximately two out of every five tiny house owners are over age 50. Tiny house converts and fans are hosting events and how-to workshops across the country. And builders and designers are catering to the demand.

Building Together. Tiny House Villages for the Homeless: A Comparative Case Study

Tiny homes, no larger than a parallel parking spot, are an emerging trend in housing for those uninterested, unwilling or unable to participate in traditional housing markets. Five groups across the United States have harnessed this minimalist movement to provide free or extremely low-cost housing for those experiencing homelessness.

A growing number of towns and cities have found a practical solution to homelessness through the construction of tiny-house villages

Second Wind Cottages, a tiny-house village for the chronically homeless in the town of Newfield, New York State and Quixote Village, a similar project in Olympia, Washington are examined in this article. The projects are part of a national movement of tiny-house villages, in the US, an alternative approach to housing the homeless that's beginning to catch the interest of national advocates a
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