The Seniors Housing Gateway - A safety net for older people at risk of homelessness

Australia needs to urgently address the rapidly increasing problem facing large numbers of older people, the majority women, at risk of homelessness.

The Role of Social and Built Environments in Supporting Older Adults´ Social Interaction

The social and built environments at the neighbourhood level have been linked to older adults´ neighbourhood social interaction which, in turn, contributes towards ageing-in-place, wellbeing, and quality of life. Currently, however, there is no clear understanding about the relative strength and nature of these relationships across a diverse range of neighbourhood features.

Build-to-rent: a potential solution to Australia's housing problem

“We are heading for a lose-lose scenario unless we supply the basic fundamental need of shelter for all, rich and poor,” says Robert Pradolin, a civil engineer and registered builder with a graduate diploma in property and an MBA. He is using his industry expertise to cobble together creative coalitions between big business and the charitable sector to quickly provide short-term housing in Melbou

Is the Victorian Housing Register providing transparency in the process for community housing offers that its introduction intended?

The purpose of this report is to ascertain whether or not the Victorian Housing Register is working as it intended in regards to the process of receiving community housing offers in the case of HAAG’s cohort of older people whoare homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Out of the frying pan into the fire: The experiences of Housing for the Aged Action Group clients referred to Independent Living Units

Outlines the experiences of clients seeking an Independent Living Unit (ILU), the experiences of clients with their housing since seeking retirement advice, and their perceptions of HAAG’s services.

Demoralising and humiliating: More older Australians falling into homelessness

The number of Australia's private renters aged 65+ who are in housing stress, defined as paying more than 30% on rent, has jumped by 42% in the last five years.

Position Paper. Older women who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Melbourne

The recommendations in this Position Paper have been developed based on the evidence summarised in the Background Paper- Older women experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. This Position Paper is aimed at Federal, State and Territory Australian governments.

Age-Friendly Cities and Communities - Information Kit for Local Government Councillors and Senior Management

Local government has a pivotal role in leading and facilitating communities where people of all ages, regardless of ability or life stage, can live a quality life. The international context for ageing has been refocussed. Four priority areas for action were endorsed at the international level in 2016, with age-friendly environments as one of the priorities.

Thousands of over-55s pushed to the front of social housing queue

Seven thousand people at risk of homelessness in Victoria will be moved onto a high-priority waiting list for secure social housing, but on one condition – they must be aged 55 or older. In May the Andrews government gazetted a new social housing category solely for those aged 55 and older

Pop-up shelter for older women under housing stress to open in Melbourne

Women over 55 currently sleeping rough or in severe housing stress will be able to seek shelter in new pop-up accommodation in Melbourne’s City of Port Phillip. A 55-room aged care facility known as Claremont Home, operated by CaSPA Care, is currently vacant awaiting master planning for redevelopment.
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