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ODESSA - Optimising Care Delivery Models to Support Ageing in Place

ODESSA is a three-year project with the aim of finding new and innovative ways of adapting a person’s home so that they can live independently for longer and avoid going into residential care, as well as making it easier for them to access public services such as health and social services.

Older people's housing, care and support needs in Greater Cambridge 2017-2036

Addressing the needs of a rapidly ageing population in both SCDC and Cambridge City will require decisive action. It is acknowledged in recent policy and research documents that to meet this challenge, a system of provision is required which includes and connects together the following five components: 1.

A Home for Life? A Critical Perspective on Housing Choice for “Downsizers” in the UK

A range of policy, research and media commentary has highlighted the link between housing, health, and wellbeing in later life, with discourses around “ageing in place” and “downsizing” emerging as particularly dominant. This paper critiques current practices and discourses around the commissioning, design, and management of purpose-built retirement housing.

Designing with Downsizers: The next generation of 'downsizer homes' for an active third age

This report responds to the growing number of 'third-agers' whose future housing aspirations are not being met by either specialist retirement developers or mass-market housing projects.
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