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Housing options for older people in a reimagined housing system: a case study from England

The housing options of older people in the UK now extend far beyond the traditional choice between staying put and making do, or moving to specialist housing or residential care. A flexible suite of options has emerged, centred on promoting independence and well-being. This reflects a tendency within analysis to consider these different housing options in isolation.

Intergenerational Housing: The Case of Humanitas Netherlands

We analyze a case study of an innovative intergenerational housing arrangement in the Netherlands as an example of how a local long-term elderly care practice evolved in response to contemporary challenges.

Three phases of Danish cohousing: tenure and the development of an alternative housing form

Cohousing has not only become a well-established alternative to mainstream housing in Denmark; it is also routinely seen as pioneering and comparatively successful. Emphasizing broader trends and evolving societal contexts, this article investigates the development of Danish cohousing over the past five decades.

Understanding housing precarity: more than access to a shelter, housing is essential for a decent life

Finnerty & O’Connell’s (2017) 'Changing Precarities in the Irish housing system: supplier-generated changes in security of tenure for domiciled households' is a careful analysis of changing Irish housing policy settings in recent decades, that sheds rare light on the specific policy mechanisms which increasing housing precarity.

An alternative for whom? The evolution and socio-economy of Danish cohousing

The article demonstrates how the development of Danish cohousing has been undergirded by distinct shifts in dominant tenure forms. Secondly, it shows that inhabitants in contemporary Danish cohousing are socio-economically distinct. This does not diminish the value of cohousing, but it problematises assumptions about the social sustainability of this housing form.

Housing accessibility for senior citizens in Sweden: Estimation of the effects of targeted elimination of environmental barriers

This research aims to estimate the effects of targeted elimination of environmental barriers (EB) in the ordinary housing stock in Sweden, and to explore the estimated effects on accessibility at a population level in relation to (a) residents with different functional profiles, (b) different housing types and (c) building periods. The elimination of the EB most commonly addressed by housing adap

Enabling older homeless minority women to overcome homelessness by using a life management enhancement group intervention.

This paper describes the importance of a life management enhancement group intervention for older minority women in developing personal control and self-confidence in social relationships as they overcome homelessness. Women in the treatment group showed significantly greater personal control and higher levels of self-confidence following the six-week intervention than women in the control group.

Perceptions of Living Alone Among Older Adult Women

This exploratory study examines older women’s perceptions of living alone. In recent decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who live alone, particularly older adults.
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