Making Do: Housing Quality and Affordability in the Low to Moderate Income Specific Housing Sector

Better cities require integrated planning and monitoring across the board that is inclusive of age-specific housing. Australia’s ageing population presents a number of challenges for provision of appropriate and affordable housing and care for those on low to moderate incomes. Those in private rental are at particular risk of homelessness or insecure housing, but also many low-income homeowners, who increasingly have mortgage repayments, are also vulnerable to circumstances that can lead to a housing crisis. This paper draws on the work carried out for the Australian Housing and Research Institute on age-specific housing and care for low to moderate-income older people (Davy, et al 2010; Bridge, et al, 2011). It presents a typology of housing options and through a national survey of providers and residents, follow-up interviews with providers from three states (NSW, Victoria and WA), and three policy forums in each state revealing the numerous issues faced by providers and consumers.