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Housing design, adaptations and support (England)

New and existing homes in the UK need to be adaptable to the changing needs of an ageing population to promote both independence and self-determination. Poor and inaccessible housing has profound implications for our ageing population. There were 13.3 million disabled people in the UK in 2015/16, with 44 per cent over state pension age.

Specialist housing for older people

This fact sheet is about housing designed or designated for older people. In most cases, this is people over the age of 55 or 60. Specialist housing for older people comes in many different forms, which can be grouped according to the level of support offered.

Ageing in squalor and distress: older people in the private rented sector

The UK media often reports high figures for the amount of housing wealth owned by older people. But these reports can obscure the fact that more than 21 per cent of older people over 55 have no housing wealth at all. This percentage is likely to grow as increasing numbers of older people find themselves living in rented property.

Putting Retirement Housing In Order

There are around 200,000 older people living in the private retirement housing sector. Many residents and their relatives are becoming increasingly concerned about what they see as unreasonable and unjustifiable charges made by some landlords and managing agents. This paper examines the issues around affordability in the private retirement housing sector in the UK.
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