Aged Pension

The Entitlement of Age

Australia’s retirement income system is becoming unsustainable. This is not because too much money is spent on the age pension. Australia spends an average of 3.5 per cent of its GDP on age-related spending against an OECD average of 7.8 per cent. Per Capita’s detailed analysis shows that unsustainability and inequality are the two emergent trends in Australia’s retirement income system.

The Trajectory Towards Marginality: How Do Older Australians Find Themselves Dependent on the Private Rental Market?

For older Australians being dependent on the private rental market is usually associated with serious financial hardship and insecurity. This article examines the housing careers of older Australians who are dependent on the private rental market. The article explores the trajectory into the private rental market and finds a crucial factor was an inability to access social housing.

Changes in the living arrangements of elderly people in Greece: 1974-1999

During the period 1974-1999 the percentage of elderly living with their children in Greece reduced from 55 per cent to about 32 per cent. In this paper we examine determinants of the decrease in intergenerational co-residence among Greek elderly people and their adult children and its implications for economic well-being.
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