The Netherlands

Intergenerational Housing: The Case of Humanitas Netherlands

We analyze a case study of an innovative intergenerational housing arrangement in the Netherlands as an example of how a local long-term elderly care practice evolved in response to contemporary challenges.

Learn to Innovate – European lessons on designing for ageing well

This ongoing research to develop innovative senior living schemes in towns and cities in the UK looks at examples in Denmark and The Netherlands. Observations from two urban care homes in Copenhagen, that actively encourage social connection through the provision of shared and social spaces.

The Challenges of Urban Ageing: Making Cities Age-Friendly in Europe

This article explores and describes the challenges that are encountered when making cities age-friendly in Europe. Such challenges include the creation of inclusive neighbourhoods and the implementation of technology for ageing-in-place.

Fresh approaches to older people’s housing: Insights from overseas

Concepts like ‘retirement villages’ and ‘nursing homes’ seem increasingly outmoded.

Age-Friendly Communities Matter for Older People’s Well-Being

This Dutch study aims to identify relationships between age-friendly environments (in terms of social and physical neighborhood attributes) and older people’s overall well-being, as well as the underlying instrumental goals to achieve overall well-being.

Re-Inventing Existing Real Estate of Social Housing for Older People: Building a New De Benring in Voorst, The Netherlands

Enabling one to age-in-place requires new housing arrangements that facilitate and enable older adults to live comfortably into old age, preferably with others. Innovative examples are provided from a Dutch social housing association, illustrating a new approach to environmental design that focuses more on building new communities in conjunction with the building itself, as opposed to the occupat

Older People in a Long-term Regeneration Neighbourhood. An Exploratory Panel Study of Ageing in Place in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam

A precondition for ‘ageing in place’ is that older people perceive their neighbourhoods as familiar and safe places. In the Netherlands, manyneighbourhoods with an ageing population have been subject to urban restructuring policies.

Levensloopbestendige (Apartments for Life) in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is faced with an increasingly ageing population. This demographic change means that the number of people requiring assistance will also grow, increasing the burden on existing income, healthcare, social services and retirement systems.

How the Dutch Lead the Way in Senior Housing Innovation

Out of the box thinking is what it will take to truly house and nurture various special populations. When looking at real estate development strategies, housing companies should be thinking about how design might help foster a better living environment.

Dementia Care: What in the World is a Dementia Village?

This article looks at an international senior care community which is revolutionizing dementia care through dementia villages. In the municipality of Weesp, not far from Amsterdam, sits the village of Hogewey. Hogewey is home to 152 men and women living with severe dementia. The community has 23 residential units, each shared by 6-8 residents.
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