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Designing inclusive Later Living communities for HAPPI residents

This case study report features three award winning developments for retirement living. It explores how the HAPPI (Housing our Ageing Population Panel for Innovation) design principles have come to life in each to promote social inclusion where older people are empowered to live an independent and socially active life at the heart of their wider community.

Cross Generational Housing

The research entities in this project have been designed to explore the chosen subject area that is cross generational housing.Cross generational living is a traditional concept based upon the idea that the blending of families, in social living activities builds a community that enhances our understanding of one another.

A 21st Century eco-almshouse: St. John’s Almshouses, Lichfield

The St. John’s Almshouse project comprises 18 new flats within two brand new, Passivhaus certified buildings set within an extensive landscaping scheme in the grounds of the existing Grade I listed Almshouses in Lichfield, UK. The Almshouses provide sheltered accommodation, or more specifically, ‘independent living for older people, with neighbourly support and care’.

Learn to Innovate – European lessons on designing for ageing well

This ongoing research to develop innovative senior living schemes in towns and cities in the UK looks at examples in Denmark and The Netherlands. Observations from two urban care homes in Copenhagen, that actively encourage social connection through the provision of shared and social spaces.

Well-being and age in co-housing life: Thinking with and beyond design

Co-housing communities, which are designed to encourage interaction in everyday life and informal mutual support, are often seen as a lifestyle that can improve residents’ health and well-being. This viewpoint considers how spatial design, resident control and home technologies matter to ‘successful ageing’ in the increasingly popular co-housing communities- both intergenerational and senior.

Cohousing - Housing for Older People

The 'cohousing community' is a subject of mounting interest to older people in Britain. It offers a realistic alternative to a tradition of paternalism and benign neglect in relation to the old and isolated. It involves the older person as citizen not service recipient.

Innovative Housing Models for an Ageing Population

This Housing LIN round table session with invited industry leaders was hosted by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, in partnership with the Department of Health and Social Care, in London over the summer, 2018.

Community Building for Old Age: Breaking New Ground. The UK’s first senior cohousing community, High Barnet

This paper offers a case study in active community-building. It describes an initiative conceived and driven by a group of older women who, understanding that living alone as they grew old could leave them vulnerable, looked to each other to develop and share their social capital.

Seizing the 'New Town' opportunity

The development of new towns presents a unique opportunity to plan and build communities which enable older people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. In this article, we explore the opportunities arising at Northstowe, a new town of 10,000 homes in South Cambridgeshire. The vision for Northstowe is a bold one.

Forget "downsizing", think "rightsizing" to meet older people's housing needs and aspirations

In the UK, many older people live in homes that are probably too big for their needs and budgets. If they were encouraged to downsize, and also given the choice of housing that would make downsizing appealing, they might well be persuaded to sell their home to a family who actually needs that sort of space.
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