Homelessness Australia

Homeless increase no surprise; homelessness is not a Federal priority

2016 Census shows 13.7% increase in homelessness; 2-in-5 homeless under 25; spike in older people homeless; rough sleeping & severe overcrowding. Amongst the trends, Homelessness Australia is concerned about:  27.7% increase in homelessness among people aged 55+  39% of the homeless population is under 25 years of age  Women’s homelessness rose faster than population  8,200 Australians ro

Ageing with no address

This presentation looks at trends in homelessness for the Australian population aged 55 years and over, using Census data from 2006, 2011 and 2016.

Homelessness and Older People

According to the ABS, 14,851 people aged 55+ were experiencing homelessness on Census night 2011. People aged 55+ consist of only 7% of clients accessing specialist homelessness services in 2014– 15. This is partly due to the service system design but also indicates that is a lack of beds for older Australians within the homelessness service system.

Ending and Preventing Older Women's Experience of Homelessness in Australia

Older, single women are increasingly vulnerable to housing stress, insecurity and homelessness.
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