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More Together, More Apart: Migration, Densification, Segregation

This 'Book of Abstracts' showcases articles on Housing Research, Collaborative Housing, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, housing policy, sustainability, living conditions of ageing populations, and refugees. It covers social theory, economics, finance, archicture and more as they relate to housing.

Exploring People’s Preferences for Co-housing after Retirement using Choice Based Conjoint Analysis in Korea

In Korea, starting mid-1990s, issues concerning aging society grew. Since 2000 housing researchers in Korea have recognized these social issues as needs for new form of living. In this context, Co-housing has been received special attentions as an alternative living space for aged people in Korean society.

Housing Exclusion: Elderly People Facing the Crisis

This paper aims to provide a brief overview of the housing conditions of the elderly people in Europe, focusing on the conditions of elderly living alone. The key objective of the article is to analyze the living conditions and the residential problems of the elderly in European countries over recent years.

Downsizing in Later Life: Myths and Realities Concerning the Movement of Older People in the Housing Market

In Australia, ‘downsizing’ has become a popular term to explain the movements of older people in the housing market.

CoHousing for Stages of an Aging Britain

The use of diverse types of common interest/intentional communities has burgeoned over the past quarter century. This paper will examine aspects of the particular legal environment for a nascent but growing CoHousing movement within the UK.
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