Learning from past mistakes: lessons from the National Rental Affordability Scheme

All Australians are spending more of their incomes on housing than in the past, but low-income households are feeling the pinch most. Many low-income renters are in poverty, and many more are suffering financial stress. Inequality is increasing because rising housing costs have disproportionately whittled away the income growth of poorer households.

The nexus between housing (un)affordability and residential age segregation

Conventional wisdom perhaps suggests that residential age segregation is expected and unproblematic but, like other forms of segregation, the increasing differentiation of places by age can hinder essential opportunities for older and younger individuals to meet and interact, as well as associated policy implications for social cohesion and the organisation of society.

Homelessness in the older population

Experiences of homelessness within the UK ageing populations are mounting, not only in terms of sheer numbers, but also as a proportion of the homeless demographic.

Seniors Co-Housing: Re-Thinking Traditional Housing Models for Canada’s Growing Senior Population

This article looks at the concept of co-housing as a housing option for Canada's ageing population. Seniors co-housing has the potential for offering benefits over traditional retirement residences or long-term care facility.

Grey renting: the rising tide of older private tenants

New statistics from the most recent edition of the UK government’s English Housing Survey suggest a big tide of older private tenants is fast approaching. If it’s realised, this shift in the way older people are housed could see increasing numbers of pensioners paying unaffordable levels of rent, forced to move against their will or made homeless.

Life as an older renter, and what it tells us about the urgent need for tenancy reform

Reform in the private rental sector is essential. Growing numbers of Australians rent their housing and increasing proportions are expected to rent long-term. This makes it essential that private rental housing meets the need that every person has for a secure and affordable home. It is getting harder for older renters to find adequate, appropriate and secure housing.

A longer lease on life: issues for older renters

With a surplus of $3.9 billion for 2016-17, the 2018 NSW State Budget had its winners and losers. The latter include seniors and renters. This blog examine some of the issues confronting older renters.

How the Dutch Lead the Way in Senior Housing Innovation

Out of the box thinking is what it will take to truly house and nurture various special populations. When looking at real estate development strategies, housing companies should be thinking about how design might help foster a better living environment.

Dementia Care: What in the World is a Dementia Village?

This article looks at an international senior care community which is revolutionizing dementia care through dementia villages. In the municipality of Weesp, not far from Amsterdam, sits the village of Hogewey. Hogewey is home to 152 men and women living with severe dementia. The community has 23 residential units, each shared by 6-8 residents.

Aging on the Streets: America’s Growing Older Homeless Population

The face of American homelessness is changing — into an older one. People 50 and older make up more than 30 percent of the nation’s homeless population.
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