A Home for Life: Towards an older person’s housing strategy

Homes for Life: Towards an older person s housing strategy has been developed by a coalition of non - government organisations concerned about the increasing housing affordability crisis facing our ageing population. This roadmap brings together the key concerns of the major organisations assisting the most vulnerable older people in Victoria.

The Wicking Project outcomes: Supporting older people living with alcohol related brain injury

The Wicking project developed and evaluated a specialized model of residential care to support a group of older people living with alcohol-related brain injury (ARBI) and challenging behavior. The aim of the project was to determine the effectiveness of this model at improving participant life quality and well-being.

Homelessness among older people: A comparative study in three countries of prevention and alleviation

This report describes the genesis, design and preliminary findings of a study of the causes of homelessness among newly-homeless older people in England, Australia and the USA. The report concentrates on the Australian findings.

Elderly Homeless Men and Women: Aged Care's Forgotten People

Abstract In spite of Australia having an aged-care system that provides a wide range of residential and community-based, aged-care services to elderly men and women, which are appropriately monitored and audited, homeless people have historically found it difficult or impossible to access those services.
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