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Inquiry into decent and accessible homes for older people

The All-Party Parliamentary Group was established to engage with the political and legislative issues affecting people in later life.

Rental Housing for an Ageing Population

In our latest Inquiry, we have turned our attention to rental housing for older people, both now and in the decades to come. We wanted to find out how many homes for rent are likely to be needed over the next 20 years or so, what they should be like and who might provide them. Today only 22% of those over 65 are tenants (private or social). But this will change.

Rural Housing for an Ageing Population: Preserving Independence

This UK report presents the findings of our All-Party Parliamentary Group’s latest Inquiry: Rural Housing for our Ageing Population: Preserving Independence, the fourth in this series of “HAPPI” reports covering different aspects of housing and care for older people. Our underlying concern is with the growing numbers of older people in rural communities who will face a huge challenge to their ind
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