Royal Institute of British Architects

Design for an Ageing Population

The demographic landscape of our cities is changing fast, as the cities grow and the population ages. But how do architects respond to the challenge? How do we go about creating more ‘age-inclusive’ spaces?

A Home for the Ages: Planning for the Future with Age-Friendly Designs

England has a rapidly ageing society. Within five years the over 60s will make-up over 25% of its population, and this is a trend that is set to accelerate. Despite this, little thought has been given to how the housing need of the population is going to change. This report focuses on those over the age of 55, as it is often the age at which residents qualify to enter retirement housing.

Is cohousing a suitable housing typology for an ageing population within the UK?

The study investigates why there are so few cohousing communities in the UK, particularly in light of their success in Europe and the US. It asks why cohousing has not taken off to the same extent as it has in Europe.
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