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What Are the Structural Barriers to Planning for Later Life? A Scoping Review of the Literature

This review draws on Street and Desai (2011) to characterise planning as the range of activities people deliberately pursue with the aim of achieving desired outcomes in later life.

Why Do(n’t) People Move When They Get Older? Estimating the Willingness to Relocate in Diverse Ageing Cities

Two of the dominant processes shaping today’s European cities are the ageing and diversification of the population. Given that the range of action usually decreases in later life, the living environment around the place of residence plays an important role in the social integration of the older generation.

Ageing in Suburban Neighbourhoods: Planning, Densities and Place Assessment

The article examines the environmental qualities perceived by ageing populations in suburban low-density and car-oriented neighbourhoods in comparison to more dense and central areas. The study focuses on Nicosia, Cyprus, a city that suffers from extended sprawl and car dependency in almost every urban district.

Housing First and Social Integration: A Realistic Aim?

One of the basic prerequisites for social inclusion is having adequate housing from which to live one’s life in the community. However, having a house, or home, alone does not in itself guarantee social inclusion. This paper reviews the available research evidence on the extent to which Housing First services are effective in promoting social integration.
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