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The Seniors Housing Gateway - A safety net for older people at risk of homelessness

Australia needs to urgently address the rapidly increasing problem facing large numbers of older people, the majority women, at risk of homelessness.

Homeless South Australia: A 2015 stocktake of homelessness issues in South Australia

Homelessness has been at the forefront of public policy debate in South Australia since 2002 when the Rann Labor Government was formed and established its social inclusion initiative.

Public housing stock transfer — impacts and implications for local government final report

This is the Final Report of a project that examines the impact of the South Australian Government’s announced program of public housing stock transfers to the community sector on local governments. The community housing sector in Australia is defined as not-for-profit housing and is made up of both larger and smaller organisations.

Getting in front of homelessness: housing single older women now

Single older women in Australia have emerged as a growing population group vulnerable to housing insecurity and at risk of homelessness in their old age. Their vulnerability arises from the gendered nature of labour and child rearing in Australia which compromises women's lifetime capacity to earn, acquire and retain housing equity.
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