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Why more retirees are still paying off mortgages

Big numbers of Australian Baby Boomers are now entering retirement with a mortgage. The proportion of homeowners who still have a mortgage at the point of retirement in 2016 surged 23 per cent in a decade to 36 per cent. Generation X are also heading towards retirement with mortgage debt. This article examines the reasons behind this phenomenon.

'Having to ask for somewhere to live, it's difficult indeed': Single, female, homeless. Australia's shameful crisis

Older women are the fastest-growing cohort of homeless people in Australia today. According to census data, the number of women aged 65 to 74 describing themselves as homeless increased by 51 per cent in the five years to 2016.

Build-to-rent: a potential solution to Australia's housing problem

“We are heading for a lose-lose scenario unless we supply the basic fundamental need of shelter for all, rich and poor,” says Robert Pradolin, a civil engineer and registered builder with a graduate diploma in property and an MBA. He is using his industry expertise to cobble together creative coalitions between big business and the charitable sector to quickly provide short-term housing in Melbou

Older women, migrants swell the number of Australia's homeless

The number of people who are homeless in Australia has soared by almost 15 per cent, with newly released Census data showing people living in “severely” overcrowded dwellings are the greatest contributors to this increase. More than 116,400 Australians were homeless on Census night in 2016 – compared to 102,400 in 2011, new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals.

Single women face a frightening future of homelessness in Australia

Only about 6 per cent of homeless people in Australia are sleeping rough; the rest are in temporary accommodation, sleeping in their cars or couchsurfing. And one of the most shocking trends from the data is the increase in homelessness among older women.

Broke retirees take over Australia's caravan parks

An article looking at the rise in retirees choosing to live permanently in caravan parks. Australia's expanding ranks of retirees, faced with skyrocketing house prices and inadequate savings, are set to boost demand for cheaper manufactured homes.
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