Norah Keating

Features of home and neighbourhood and the liveability of older South Africans

While older people live in developing countries, little is known about the relative importance of features of their communities in influencing their liveability. We examinecomponents of home and neighbourhood among older South Africans.

Ageing in the right place: What works across People, Place and Time?

This presentation looks at the concept and the reality of 'ageing in place' in Australia and Canada. Ageing in place has become a focal concept by policy makers and researchers to create communities that facilitate the preference by older adults to remain in their homes and communities as long as possible.

Conceptualizing Age-Friendly Communities

On the political and policy front, interest has increased in making communities more “age-friendly”, an ongoing trend since the World Health Organization launched its global Age-Friendly Cities project. We conceptualize age-friendly communities by building on the WHO framework and applying an ecological perspective.

Conceptualizing Age-Friendly Communities

The idea that the environment in which older adults live profoundly impacts their lives has a long history in gerontology. Research has focused less on the macro environment – neighbourhood/community, region, or urban-rural localities.
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