Joint Statement by Tenants’ Union of NSW, Shelter NSW, and the NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) along with Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG).

The housing crisis is disproportionately impacting on some of the most disadvantaged people in our society. Despite the media’s attempt to pit the generations against each other with “boomer vs millennial” tropes, home ownership in this country is largely determined by intergenerational wealth transfer, rather than age. Yet often, the impact of the housing crisis on older people is hidden from view. This article by HAAG Executive office Fiona York was originally published in Chain Reaction.

Barack Beacon residents are fighting to stop the demolition of their housing in Port Melbourne. We look at the residents problems with the proposed demolition, and what they are doing to create a better solution for everyone.

The Victorian Government’s efforts to address homelessness among older people, particularly women, are welcome, but more needs to be done.

We've been asked what today's Federal budget announcement means for older people on unemployment benefits and others who struggle to pay the rent. 

The rate of JobSeeker needs to be increased for all recipients, not just some. While we welcome the Federal Government’s acknowledgement of the ageism that places additional pressure on older workers, leaving under 55s languishing well below the poverty line is not the way forward.

A HAAG member and Public Housing Tenant reports from the front line of the Public Housing situation