We've been asked what today's Federal budget announcement means for older people on unemployment benefits and others who struggle to pay the rent. 

The rate of JobSeeker needs to be increased for all recipients, not just some. While we welcome the Federal Government’s acknowledgement of the ageism that places additional pressure on older workers, leaving under 55s languishing well below the poverty line is not the way forward.

A HAAG member and Public Housing Tenant reports from the front line of the Public Housing situation

Since January 2023, HAAG has transitioned from our long-term Assistance with Care and Housing (ACH) program into becoming a care finder. We explain what the changes mean for our service, and what care finder can do for you.

Seven New South Wales independent candidates and MPs are calling on the incoming state government to address homelessness among older people by introducing a specialist housing support service for older people, lowering the priority age from 80 years, and building more social and affordable housing.


The number of people older than 55 living in private rentals in Queensland increased by 71% over the past decade, according to new analysis of the 2021 Census released today.

Anne Maher, Theresa Jasper-Dennis and Joan Broughan from Housing for the Aged Action Group talked to ABC Breakfast Radio in response to the latest announcement of another interest rate rise.