A new report from the Ageing on the Edge - Older Persons Homelessness Prevention Project shows many older Australians are increasingly at risk of becoming homeless and spending more than half their pension and savings on rent. Seniors advocates are warning it's the beginning of a community crisis in Australia. Report by Sarah Farnsworth - Lateline.

In the lead up to Christmas, thousands of Sydney pensioners are surviving on less than $228 a week after forking out half their income on rents, a new report will reveal today.
The release of the Ageing on the Edge NSW report in Sydney today by the Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG) and University of Adelaide paints a dire picture of rental affordability for older Australians.

The Ageing on the Edge forum at the National Housing Conference in Sydney heard from people  having experienced housing stress and homelessness, as well as academics representatives of groups from across the Housing, Homelessness and Community sectors.

Everyone's message was clear - political will is needed to reverse the 50% increase in the number of older people at risk of homelessness in NSW in the last five years.

We need the ministers to act.

Use the form to send your message to the Hon. Pru Goward, Minister for Social Housing, as well as the Hon. Tanya Davies, Minister for Ageing to urge them to respond today.

Housing for the Aged Action Group has responded to the call for submissions to the Victorian Inquiry into the Re-development of a number of public housing sites.

A number of recommendations are contained in the submission including the following:

  • Tenants must be consulted meaningfully. Each tenant should receive a letter inviting them to consultation about the process. Given that many tenants may speak languages other than English or have low-level literacy, these letters should be delivered by an individual who can then sit down with the tenant and a telephone interpreter if necessary to explain its content. Translated letters are not enough.
  • Advocates (non-DHHS) are employed to work with every tenant about their housing and relocation needs, including planning for the type of housing stock and the design of their new homes.
  • Tenants are moved into new stock that is built on the property- reducing disturbance such as having to relocate schools, find new health care providers etc.
  • Representatives of an independent advocacy service should be on-site on a daily basis and available to answer any questions tenants have
  • All new stock should be public housing.

The full Submission can found here


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The national Ageing on the Edge – Older Persons Homelessness Prevention Project is holding a half day forum on the renting crisis facing older people in NSW. The forum will include the latest research on older renters in NSW and hear from older people and advocates about the housing challenges faced by older people on low incomes. Attendees are invited to work towards solutions. Morning tea will be provided.

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The Victorian Ombudsman has been investigating the Office of Housing’s debt enforcement policy and have found that the Office of Housing (OOH) has failed to meet the obligations of a social landlord. The OOH has now agreed to major changes that will have a big, beneficial impact for many of our clients...

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