The Ageing on the Edge NSW Forum calls on all parties in the upcoming NSW State Election to urgently introduce three key initiatives that will make a real difference to the lives of thousands of older people suffering significant rental hardship across the state of New South Wales

LGBTIQ organisations are disappointed to hear news this week that Switchboard Victoria’s ‘Out and About’ program is under threat due to Federal funding cuts. 'Out and About’ is a vital peer service connecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (LGBTI) people across Victoria and aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness experienced by older members of LGBTIQ communities via a community visitors program.

For month of January, Streetsmart is raising funds for our LGBTI housing project!  This will assist us to support older LGBTI people in housing stress. 

You can donate here and support Streetsmart to support us!

A Federation of state COTAs has produced a report called State of the (Older) Nation Report. COTA, with Newgate Research, conducted a nationally-representative online survey lasting 25 minutes on average, completed by 2,562 Australians aged 50 and over, with quotas set for state and territory, metropolitan and regional areas, gender and age. The report is a summary of the information gathered. There seems to be a significant poverty gap – with people renting and experiencing financial hardship doing poorly on a range of indicators.  The whole report is available at the link below, but HAAG has created a summary of the responses for older renters.




With Victoria going to the polls on Saturday November 24, where do the parties stand on instating a Retirement Housing Ombudsman?

With rising rental costs, more than 80,000 people on the public housing waiting list, and retirement housing residents subject to unfair charges and dodgy operators, how will the policies and election promises of the major parties address these crisis?