Four corners ran a fantastic episode last night on dodgy retirement housing opporator AVEO, and other articles have recently been published that expose many of the problems residents of retirement housing have been facing for a long time – complicated contracts, unfair fees and issues with management. Unfortunately, these are not isolated problems with one operator, they occur across the whole of the retirement housing industry, and we must continnue to push for reform.

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26th June 2017

The Age - Adele Ferguson, Sarah Danckert

Despite a groundswell of complaints, problems in retirement villages remain rife, particularly at Aveo, where even the savviest customers can end up defeated. So who’s in charge of the sector and how accountable are they?

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The Age

24th June 2017

"Its slick marketing promises a safe and sound place to live yet retirement village operator Aveo is making a fortune by ripping off Australians through complex contracts and eye-watering exit fees"...

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Fiona York is presenting to the 4th International Conference on Ageing in a Foreign Land about HAAG's Multicultural Community Work projects.

Council on the Ageing's National Policy Forum will place the spotlight on what housing means in later life and explore current policy issues and future trends around housing for older Australians. Jeff Fiedler will be speaking on behalf of the Ageing on the Edge - National Action Project about actions we need to take to prevent homelessness amongst older people.

The Government has recently responded to the 2016 Access to Justice Review, prepared by the Department of Justice and Regulation.HAAG made a submission to this review, which included six background papers and related terms of reference. 

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Ageing on the Edge - National Action Project, along with a coalition of organisations, have begun a campaign to improve the dire situation facing older tenants in New South Wales.

Through operating our Home at Last service in Victoria we know that things are tough for older people in the private rental market. We've heard that things are bad for older people in New South Wales but we need to know more about how this affects the lives of people everyday.