In response to the latest COVID restrictions, HAAG has signed this joint letter with the Renters and Housing Union in support of assistance for older renters, casual workers and homeless people.

HAAG has been advocating for universal housing design principles to be included in building standards for many years. On 30 April, we were excited to learn that the building ministers listened, and made the landmark decision to improve housing accessibility for decades to come.

HAAG released a report today comparing the experiences of tenants who live in public housing with those who live in community housing, finding that there are significant differences for tenants in exercising their rights. The report compares the regulatory frameworks of housing owned and managed by the State Government, with housing managed by not-for-profit community housing providers.

This information is provided for older renters in Victoria, covering some of the new programs that can help with your tenancy and important changes to renting laws during the covid-19 pandemic.

At Risk: Older Women facing Homelessness in Australia - launching two reports detailing the burning issue of 405,000 older women at risk homelessness and the challenges many of them face living in the private rental sector. Watch the presentations from the event here

An open letter calling on the government to address the urgent situation concerning homeless people sleeping rough and COVID-19.

HAAG was shocked at reports of a “hard lockdown” being enforced by police on public housing tenants in Flemington and North Melbourne on Saturday.  This response was inappropriate and stigmatized low income, mostly migrant Victorians, many of whom have English as a second language.