Anne Maher, Theresa Jasper-Dennis and Joan Broughan from Housing for the Aged Action Group talked to ABC Breakfast Radio in response to the latest announcement of another interest rate rise.

The proportion of people over 55 and renting or paying off their mortgage in New South Wales is higher than ever before, according to analysis of the 2021 Census

Older people in New South Wales waiting for social housing were dealt a blow today, with the NSW Government failing to support a recommendation by one of its own inquires that the priority age for social housing be lowered.

The housing crisis for older people in New South Wales is getting worse. This state election it is time to act to turn the situation around. We are calling on the New South Wales Government to urgently address the housing crisis facing older people.

Changes to federal funding for the Assistance with Care and Housing, as well as the Aged Care System Navigator, will effect what services will be delivered to older renters and people at risk of homelessness

More Victorians than ever before are approaching and entering retirement without owning their home, according to analysis of the 2021 Census commissioned by Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG) and undertaken by researchers at Swinburne University of Technology, Western Sydney University and Curtin University.

Homes for People is a coalition of NSW housing campaigns which have come together to give focus to the problems many people face in relation to housing. We call for housing reform that will create the homes people want and need. The dire state of our housing market is the most pressing social issue currently facing NSW. In the lead up to the March 2023 election we are asking parties and candidates to demonstrate their commitment to addressing the housing crisis.