Ageing with Choice: Future directions for seniors housing 2019–2024

Ageing with Choice provides direction over the next five years to improve housing choice and outcomes for older Western Australians. Like most developed countries, Australia has an ageing population. The number of people in WA aged 65 or over is projected to grow by 40 per cent to more than 500,000 by 2026. People’s housing needs change with age. While housing affordability affects everyone, older people are especially impacted because of their reduced earning and borrowing capacity and their specific housing needs. Without appropriately-designed homes connected to transport, services and community, older people’s capacity to remain living independently is reduced. The risk of hospitalisation increases, as well as early entry into aged care. Without access to suitable, affordable homes, more older people will struggle to balance housing and living costs or will be living in homes they cannot manage or maintain. This places them at increased risk of housing crisis, negatively impacts health and wellbeing, and places added pressure on government funded housing, health and aged care services.