Sharon Parkinson

Older Australians and the housing aspirations gap

This report examined the housing aspirations of older Australians, defined as households over the age of 55. Within this research, housing aspirations were explored through the AHA survey, where respondents selected their ideal location, number of bedrooms, dwelling type and tenure.

Security in Retirement: The impact of housing and key critical life events

This research examines the wealth holdings of men and women at midlife (40–64 years old) and those who have recently retired, and the impact of some key life events in shaping that wealth. Approaching retirement and retirement itself can be a stressful and insecure time if the resources are not available for achieving a modest lifestyle in retirement.

Policy shift or program drift? Implementing Housing First in Australia

INTRODUCTION Providing secure, sustainable housing options for people experiencing chronic homelessness has posed an enduring challenge for policy-makers and practitioners alike. While Australian homelessness responses are largely crisis based, there are long standing debates about the best means of ending long-term homelessness altogether.
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