Anne Glass

Elder Cohousing: The Epitome of Aging in Community

Intentional communities of elders who choose to not just live in close proximity, but also to share meals and keep a close eye on each other, have seen an upsurge in the past decade in the United States. These communities differ from other types of retirement communities because they are planned and managed by residents, and purposefully designed to promote social contact.

Elder Cohousing - Research and Resources

International resources and research on co-housing and the elderly.

Innovative Seniors Housing and Care Models: What We Can Learn from the Netherlands

This report highlights some innovative seniors housing and care practices from the Netherlands. The first is the Humanitas Apartments for Life, where if and when residents need assisted living or nursing facility level care, it is brought to them, thereby eliminating stigma and relocation issues. The second is the unique dementia village of De Hogeweyk.
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