Case Studies

This is a story of two of our Home at Last clients, sisters, Khanma, 63, and Rishwina, 60, from Assyrian background and came to Australia from Syria as refugees. They have very limited English therefore we used an Assyrian interpreter. They have been living in a privately rented property since arriving in Australia, assisted by the Refugee Settlement Program.

Sue presented to our service with various different problems. She had a medical issue which was causing her to be in financial distress. Her car had recently been stolen and burnt and was also fighting with her insurance company to pay her out the cost of her car.

EMMA, 53 years old, moved to Victoria after being assaulted in Townsville, a city on the north-eastern coast of Queensland. She was sharing accommodation but after the assault she decided to move to the Barwon Region where she is originally from. The assault impacted her life, and Emma developed fears to find new accommodation.

Vesna became homelessness after her private rental property became far too expensive on her income and it was no longer a viable option as a single person. Private rental was far too unaffordable even with the part-time employment she had at the time. She had little choice but to leave her tenancy and live between the homes of friends and relatives on a temporary basis.

This is a story of one of our Home at Last clients, Alma Diri.  Alma, 74, first approached Home At Last about 9 years ago. Following her divorce from her partner, Alma lived with her daughter for some time. However, she had to leave her daughter’s place and look for alternative accommodation to continue living independently.

On midnight, Monday the 30th March 2020, Stage Three restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19, started in Victoria. Victorians were given a clear and simple message: “Stay home to Protect Yourself and the Victorian Health Care System”. For homeless people, this order to stay home, was almost impossible to adhere too.

Sarah (not her real name) is in her early 60s and resides in a small retirement village. Sarah fell into arrears and received a notice terminating (or purporting to terminate) her residency right as of last week.

Hi my name is Jo. In 2012 I had an open heart surgery. When I recovered I got a job as a bus driver. But I couldn't concentrate so I had to quit. I was unemployed for a while and became very depressed and went into anxiety and was mentally disturbed. My marriage wasn't working and its was really  tense in the house I was renting my eldest son’s house and he kicked me out.

Maryanne (not her real name) lived happily in a retirement village for over ten years. She was in her mid 80s when construction work in a common area above her unit disrupted a drain above her library, causing serious flooding during heavy rain.

Jey is a 57 year old woman from China. She dropped in to our service in May 2019. During the intake assessment, we communicated through a mandarin interpreter via the VITS services.  At the time of the drop-in she was couch-surfing at  a friend’s house, who had then asked her to leave as she could not keep assisting her any further.