Eastern Europe

Ageing in Eastern Europe

Outline of presentation 1. Introduction. Definitions and key messages 2. Demographic transition 3. Family transition 4. Epidemiological transition 5. Distinctive features of population ageing in Eastern Europe 6. International Policy Frameworks on Ageing 7. National responses

An Emerging Research Strand: Housing Exclusion in Central and South East Europe

There was large-scale restructuring of welfare arrangements in the post-soviet states of CEE and SEE in the post-transition years, with newly emerging social challenges including various forms of housing exclusion and homelessness. This article summarises the state of research and some evidence in the CEE and SEE region.

Community-based home care for older people Minimum standards of home care for older people in Red Cross Red Crescent volunteer-based programming in the Europe Zone

In June 2011, during the South Eastern Europe Home Care Conference in Montenegro, Red Cross Red Crescent Societies agreed on the recommendation to develop regional minimum standards for volunteer training in home care, also introducing psychosocial support, first aid and disaster management as an integral part of the basic training for volunteers. This document can be seen as a first step in the
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