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Housing an Ageing Population - An approach to improving housing affordability, liveability and financial resilience for senior Australians

Discussion of the concept of co-housing and the results of a UTS research project looking at co-housing for older people as a way of accessing affordable housing.

Cohousing for Seniors: Literature Review

This literature review discusses key demographic and social trends in ageing and seniors housing in Australia. It then considers the characteristics of cohousing, and how and why it might be a suitable alternative housing model for senior Australians.

Sustainable Retirement Living: What Matters?

There is a growing demand for sustainable retirement villages in Australia due to an increasing number of ageing population and public acceptance of sustainable development. This research aims to gain a better understanding of retirees’ understanding about sustainable retirement living and their attitudes towards sustainable developments via a questionnaire survey approach.

Institutions and Social Change: implementing co-operative housing and environmentally sustainable development at Christie Walk

It is evident that both the old laissez-faire approach and the more recent neo-conservative reliance on the market have failed to deliver housing for many people in Australia. The state-based welfare housing model espoused by the Australian Labor Party over the twentieth century has also been beset by problems.
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