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Unsettled: Life in Australia's Private Rental Market

Unsettled: Life in Australia's private rental market, makes the case that rental rights in Australia lag far behind those in many other developed countries, where renters often enjoy secure long-term arrangements with strict limits on rent increases. By contrast, leases in Australia can be as short as six months, and when the contract ends and renters revert to a month-to-month arrangement t

Housing Boomers - A report on housing issues facing South Australia's older population

This report addresses housing for older people on two primary levels; housing stress and homelessness.

Housing Boomers: A report on housing issues facing South Australia’s older population

Shelter SA is the peak body for housing in South Australia advocating for safe, secure and affordable housing for all citizens. Shelter SA advocates for and communicates with a wide range of housing organisations and consumer groups. One of the largest groups of housing consumers, and one that is set to increase rapidly in coming years, is the older population.
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