Lisa Callaghan

Feeling in control: comparing older people's experiences in different care settings

The promotion of choice and control for older people is a policy priority for both health and social care services in the UK. For older people receiving care, it seems that having control is less to do with managing by oneself and more to do with having control over the delegation of their care and responsibilities and influencing how and when care and support is delivered.

Improving housing with care choices for older people: an evaluation of extra care housing

Over the last decade, extra care housing has emerged as a welcome alternative to residential care and the various forms of sheltered housing previously available.

Evaluation of the extra care housing initiative: PSSRU technical report

A central principle underlying the policy of recent UK governments has been to help people maintain their independence in their own homes for as long as possible. More recently, policies have emphasised the personalisation of services, with the aim of giving people greater choice and control over the services they receive.

Evaluating Extra Care Housing for Older People in England: A Comparative Cost and Outcome Analysis with Residential Care

The appropriate response to the housing and care needs of an ageing population is much debated in the policy and practice literature in England, alongside considerations of how to ensure affordable and sustainable funding.
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