Deb Batterham

Defining 'At Risk of Homelessness': Re-connecting Causes, Mechanisms and Risk

Abstract A key focus of homelessness policy across the Anglophone world is to prevent homelessness by targeting interventions to those considered “at-risk”, yet the term “at-risk of homelessness” remains ambiguous. A solid definition is required. Typically, risk is defined using those factors that are over-represented in the population of interest.

Ageing out of place? The impact of gender and location on older Victorians in homelessness: A pilot study.

It is widely acknowledged that Australia has a growing ageing population. The growing housing affordability problem is also widel y recognised. Declining rates of home ownership and a projected increase in older people in private rental are also well documented. The numbers of older people vulnerable to homelessness will increase. This has implications for the homelessness services system.
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