"Across the nation, the single pensioner household is facing Severely Unaffordable and Extremely unaffordable rents. For the most part, locating in metropolitan areas (which is where one bedroom dwellings are generally available) would require 60 per cent or more of the pensioner’s income to be spent on rent.

Housing pressures on this household type would also be compounded by a number of other pressures, including health care costs associated with aging". 

May Rental Affordability Index Report 2017


Preventing Homelessness in Older Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities is a collaboration between Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV) and HAAG. The project was designed to reach out to key communities and provide housing options and information in their first language.' At Risk of Homelessness' is the report from this project.


A Home for diversity is a 6 month project that aimed to increase the capacity of homelessness services to work with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The project provided training to housing workers, particularly those who work with older people. This training was provided by the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, in collaboration with Housing for the Aged Action Group.


The first survey of Australian renters has been carried out and the results tell a pretty grim story for the growing number of renters out there. You've heard HAAG harp about this for years, now finally it's backed up by an independant study, one that has been getting a lot of attention.



International report by Demographia rating Middle-income housing affordability

Data for 3rd Quarter 2016


November 2016

A report by a coalition of nine leading community agencies, “A Home for Life: Towards an Older Person’s Housing strategy” calls on government to partner with community organisations and adopt recommendations to address the long term housing needs for older people.



July 2016

Report prepared by Jeff Fiedler and Fiona York

This report is an analysis of the first two years of the Home at Last service and the thousands of older people who have sought help because they are at risk of homelessness.

The data shows that a large number of older people in Victoria are struggling to cope with their day to day living and are constantly on the edge of homelessness.

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A ground-breaking report aimed at helping older people from culturally diverse communities avoid homelessness


September 2014

Prepared by Housing for the Aged Action group for the VHAP reform