Housing for the Aged Action Group

Australia is a rapidly ageing society with an emerging population of older people who have not achieved home ownership by the time they have reached retirement age.

There are increasing numbers of older people who are at risk of homelessness due to the high cost and insecurity of the private rental market. These people, particularly single women, are paying up to 70% of their in come in rent. They are also highly vulnerable due to the fact that they can be given a Notice to Vacate at any time and there is a lack of specialist housing information and support available to older people who are in this situation.

Housing for the Aged Action Group is the only Australian organisation specialised in the housing needs of older people. Coming from grass-roots beginnings over 30 years ago, HAAG today is over 400 members strong.  

HAAG are committed to finding long term solutions to the housing crisis facing older Australians and have partnered with organisations such as the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, Council on the Ageing, the University of Queensland Institute for Social Science Research and the University of Adelaide Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning.

HAAG are actively involved in the review of government legislation and our political lobbying has effected change in policy and instigated a parliamentary review of the retirement housing sector.

HAAGs Home at Last program provides practical support to those seeking an appropriate, affordable home and those having issues with their current tenancy, across all housing types.

In 2015 HAAG won the Victorian Homelessness Achievement Award for Excellence in Ending Homelessness Among Older People.

The history of HAAG

Where do you fit in? Young or old, Individual or Organisation, if you care to see that all people  have access to adequate and affordable housing in their  later years  then get in touch with us.

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