After South Australia the project is moving its focus to New South Wales where the most acute housing problems are faced by older renters. A  Reference Committee has been organised by the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and includes a number of key agencies who are providing advice on our activities in NSW. We intend to follow the same process as has been developed in South Australia where we are conducting a research project that will culminate in a report on the state of housing for older people in NSW . It is planned that the report will be completed by late July 2017 and then launched at an event during Poverty Week in October.

Action Updates

 As part of the NSW government’s Ageing Strategy 2016-20, Jeff Fiedler gave a presentation to the Rental Options Roundtable for Older People that was attended by 50 key representatives of agencies in NSW including the Minister for Ageing Tanya Davies.

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Ageing on the Edge is a project of Housing for the Aged Action Group, University of Adelaide and the Wicking Trust