Social Housing Allocation and Homelessness

This research provides an interesting insight into the different housing allocation mechanisms employed by social housing providers across the European Union. It is important to have a better and more factual understanding of the role of social housing providers in the fight against homelessness and severe housing exclusion at a moment when the social housing sector is under pressure to clarify and justify its mission in terms of public interest. There is increasing scientific evidence that rapid access to housing is a key determinant for the successful inclusion of homeless people in society. Many countries are currently experimenting with Housing First and Housing Led policies to address homelessness. There is some room to encourage the private rental sector to take a more active part in the fight against homelessness in return for the considerable financial incentives the State makes available for private landlords. It is clear, however, that the most feasible and practical housing solution for homeless people is often to be found in the social housing sector.