Queensland tackles homelessness for older women

Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG) welcomes yesterday’s announcement by the Queensland Government of measures to address older women’s homelessness, as part of their overall Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2025. A new housing and support hub model will be developed to assist older women, providing a “single entry point”, and taking an early intervention and prevention approach.


“We congratulate the Queensland Government for listening to the voices of older women in Queensland, who have been calling on government to urgently address the housing crisis disproportionately impacting older women. Connecting older people with specialist housing support services is an important part of addressing the issue,” said Executive Officer, Fiona York.


The announcement follows consultations with QShelter, homelessness sector organisations, specialist older people’s services like HAAG, as well as with the Housing Older Women’s Movement in Queensland, representing older women who have lived experience of homelessness. A new dedicated advisory group will be formed to oversee the implementation of this new strategy, responding the needs of older women and find solutions that work for them.


“This announcement is in line with the recommendations in our report ‘I Just Want Secure, Safe Housing: Older People at Risk of Homelessness in Queensland ’ and is testament to the hard work of the Housing Older Women’s Movement and QShelter who have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the issue with Government,” she continued.


As the Federal Election approaches, HAAG is calling on Federal parties and candidates to bring a commitment to addressing the issue of older women’s homelessness as part of their election commitments, and we hope that other State and Territory Governments follow suit.