24th August 2015

Prime public housing land that could house hundreds of residents is lying vacant, despite a waiting list that recently surpassed 34,000 people...

13th August 2015

The Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation has announced an Exploration Grant 'Homelessness Housing & Disadvantage' Impact Area for Housing for the Aged Action Group.The Exploration Grant Program is a very important part of the Foundation's commitment to supporting new ideas and solutions within impact areas...


By Beatrice Kelly. the Age 23 July 2015

Thirty-odd years ago when I was in my mid 30s, I saw an advertisement for a free financial counselling session at an inner-city community centre. I was interested: first, because the counsellor bore the same name as a dear brother of mine, a hopeless financial manager whom my father had bailed out more than once. But less flippantly, I wanted to buy my own place...


 By Judith Ireland - Sydney Morning Herald - Published: July 2, 2015 - 12:15AM

"Council (on the Ageing) chief executive Ian Yates is calling on governments to do more to address factors such as financial insecurity pushing more older women into poverty and homelessness"... Go to story here

Editorial, The Age, Friday 26th June 2015

The basic human need for safe housing applies regardless of whether a person buys their own or rents from another. At a time when the number of people who can afford a first home is dwindling, there is much to applaud in the proposal being considered by the state government to offer renters long-term leases, perhaps up to 10 years...

Letter in the Age, Friday 26 June 2015

Housing for the Aged Action Group  welcomes  the progressive announcement by the state government to review the Residential Tenancies Act  ("Tenants could get leases of 10 years", 25/6).

Story by Ginger Gorman - Published on on June 23, 2015 2:14PM

Close to 10,000 older women accessed Specialist Homelessness Services in the last financial year... Go to story